8:00pm on the Trafalgar Stage

Toque Flamenco is Vancouver’s most popular Flamenco band. They perform flamenco with passion and rhythmic precision, including spirited, fiery Rumbas that get the crowd dancing, as well as soulful, stirring dance pieces.

Toque Flamenco features Peter Mole, a local Flamenco favourite for more than 20 years, on the lead guitar, Mario Sota, a gifted and well-respected multi-instrumentalist in Vancouver’s music scene, as singer, guitarist and percussionist, and intrepid artist Marilú Vallejo, as Flamenco dancer and percussionist.

Since its inception in 2014, Toque Flamenco has performed in festivals across the Okanagan, Victoria and Greater Vancouver, including the Vancouver World Music Festival, the Richmond World Festival, the Harrison Season of Performing Arts and the Victoria Flamenco Festival – where they were featured as headliners -, among others.

Toque Flamenco performs pure/traditional flamenco as well as accessible or unrestricted “popular” flamenco. They enjoy pushing boundaries and doing songs that are outside the normal Flamenco repertoire such as rock (e.g. Pink Floyd). Their shows are characterized for being always innovative, fresh and engaging.